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11 reviews
  • Dale Landau
    7:26 am - September 24, 2017. Reply

    We had a great tour with Amith Da Silva in December 2016. Even though we only had 6 days, Amith was able to create an itinerary that addressed all our interests and enabled to see a good part of Sri Lanka.

    Through out the tour Amith was very interesting as he demonstrated his knowledge of the country, its people and their culture and native
    animals and pant life. The hotels he chose, a combination of eco lodges and traditional hotels, were all clean and comfortable with helpful staff.

    We travel regularly, but our visit to Sri Lanka was one of our best trips thanks to Amith.

  • Alex Tang
    12:00 am - May 19, 2017. Reply

    Spent a fabulous 5 days with Amith, who was our guide and driver rolled into one- our itinerary was tailored to our specifications via email, and everything we wanted to visit and see ,and more, was achieved. Amith is incredibly knowledgeable, witty and has a warm and genuine personality and is so obliging and goes out of his way to accommodate your needs, whether it was taking a detour to buy some mangosteens or driving through a longer, more scenic route even though it was not part of the itinerary!
    We feel really blessed and privileged to have spent our time with Amith and can truly say that we arrived at Sri Lanka as his personal guests and left having gained a friend for life!

  • Aristos & Iacovia from Cyprus
    4:45 pm - May 17, 2017. Reply

    Excellent service, Highily recomended!
    If you are looking for a driver/guide in Sri Lanka look no further! Amitha is your guy! Sri lanka is an amazing country and Amitha made our trip even more beautiful!
    He is a real professional with excellelent knowledge of the country’s history, animals, plants and many more!
    He is funny and very polite! We couldn’t ask for anything else! The car was clean during the whole trip! And the itinerary was just perfect! We will defenetly choose him again in our next visit to Sri Lanka!

  • Alex Stitt and Rosemary Lown - AUSTRALIA
    5:39 am - May 17, 2017. Reply

    We had three magical weeks in Sri Lanka in a small group of 11 Australians with the irrepressible Amitha as our guide and friend. His humour and enthusiasm plus his knowledge and flexibility made this one of the best travel experiences we have had. Time and again Amitha did some little, or big, thing that was not on the itinerary that gave us a better experience of gorgeous Sri Lanka and her people. Thank you Amitha and Miracle Lanka.

  • Claudia + Daniela from Switzerland
    10:28 am - January 29, 2013. Reply

    Dear Amith,
    Early in the morning on Jan. 12, we started our round trip through Sri-Lanka with you. First day we went to Aukana and Anuradhapura. It was such a long day!!! But very very interesting. In the evening we slept very well. Next day again very early we started, you always explain us in details about the country, which you really loved a lot!! About the animals and plants (Claudia really loved it a lot in the Botanical garden, she want to stay the whole day long time) and about all what happens in the past in your beautiful country. You know sooooo much, it’s unbelievable!!! You do your job with all your heart. We always felt very comfortable and safe with you. We appreciate you for everything during our amazing trip! Its definitely the best holiday we ever had. Thanks a lot and we hope we’ll see you sometimes, some where again!
    We will recommend you to our friends and family in Switzerland. PS: you are also a good singer, it was funny to listen to you…
    Miss you

  • Daniel + Tessa Melbourne, Australia.
    7:27 pm - January 12, 2013. Reply

    Thank you Amith for showing us so much of Sri-Lanka in such a short time! We have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful country, especially the tooth relic (a true cultural experience) during to Nuwara-Eliya (Spectacular views). Most of all, we enjoyed your stories, our personal favorites were,
    1.The story behind the Srilankan National flag.
    2.The story of Alexandrite
    3.The demise of the Srilankan Robin Hood
    4.Your Dad and the Japanese tourists
    5.Your horoscope match 62.5%
    6.The 110 uses of the coconut
    You were very pleasant company; we wish you the best for future.

  • Pink Caravan/Rosa Bussarana from Sweden 30 pax Group
    8:47 am - December 30, 2012. Reply

    Dear Mr: Wonderful,,,,,
    I appreciate everything you did for us. The group is very satisfied with your job. Well-done!!!!!!!!! Let us keep in touch and keep up the good work.
    I will always remember you singing “Sealed with a kiss”
    See you next year with another group.
    From all of us,
    Pink Caravan,

  • Lilalen and Natwar Joshi 34, Jerney Av, Stanmore, (U.K.)
    11:08 am - December 5, 2012. Reply

    Amith, what a nice name. My wife and I arrived on Monday, 26/11/12, our first visit to Sri-Lanka. After formal introductions, Amith drove us to our hotel at Negombo. On Wednesday we started “Ramayana Trail” visiting various places of this unique trail. Few are Manavari Lingam, this temple place was the last before Shri Ram, Sithadevi, Shri Laxman and Hanumaji left for India (Bharat). Ashoka Vatika and Seetha Kotuwa, place where once stood the city of Lankapura. Also had been to the Temple of the tooth relic of lord Buddha at Kandy, Ravana caves at Ella, Hanumaji temple at Ramboda and a tea factory. With his personal efforts and the pain he took to find places, he took us all places of “Ramayana Trail”. Few places were very difficult to find but Amith did. It seems he has very good knowledge of what he does. My wife and I enjoyed his company very much. Our visit to Sri-Lanka was worth due to Amith, without him it was impossible to know more about the country. Lastly we must say he is very nice, very helpful, honest and above all very polite.
    We will miss Amith.
    With best wishes,

  • Karin Baumann + Alexander Reichmuth, Switzerland
    10:19 pm - October 16, 2012. Reply

    Tour 28/9-14/10/2012
    Negombo-Aukana-Mihintale-Anurdhapura-Habarana-Giritale-Polonnaruwa-Sigiriya-Dambulla-Matale-Kandy-Pinnawala-Peradeniya-Nuwara-Nanuoya to Ella by train-Tissamaharama-Yala N.P.-Kataragama-Tangalle

    We started our roundtrip early in the morning. While Amith explained the details of the ancient building in Mihintale, Karin was asking if there are snakes around the area, not a half a minute late we have seen a very long example just next to us but its not poison one. It would not be the last one…! Snakes aren’t Karin’s favorite animals, but nearly every Gipsy liked to show her the Cobra in the basket, Hello Madame………!!!
    During the calm and always very safe drives we sometimes listened to famous Srilankan singers. Alex soon found his favorite song (especially the flute solo) once we asked Amith where we can buy a bottle of arrack. So we went to a liquor shop, it looked like a ticket-counter of a football stadium. Sometimes we had beers with Amith and enjoyed the very interesting discussion about his country and the people. He also explained the cricket rules, so we could join the20/20-final Sri-lanka- West Indies on T.V. unfortunately Sri-lanka lost the game. A few times we had to stand up very early, but it was worth if, because of Amith’s huge knowledge we learned a lot of the Sri-Lankan history and its animals and plants. In the evening we felt asleep very quick and happy.
    Once a little boy asked Karin for a bonbon. Quick she was surrounded by many children………Since then she is known as the “bonbon-madam” Amith gave us the possibility to visit a pre school to donate some pens. The 3-4 years old children have been so kind and lovely. In the Yala national park we get offered a delicious curry for lunch. It was packed in plastic and newspaper and we ate it with the fingers like locals. It’s not that easy buy really funny!!!!!!!!
    We are looking forward to see Amith again the 23rd October. We have to leave this beautiful country before our visa expires…………..
    We will recommend Amith to our family and friends in Switzerland. We wish you success in business and lots of friendly guests. Many many thanks for the splendid time. We hope to see you again.
    Have fun!!!!

  • Miguel and Laura - From Spain, working and living in Malaysia.
    1:37 pm - August 20, 2012. Reply

    This was my eight/ninth visit to Sri-Lanka since I was coming around several times in 2008-2009. At these times I used to be only in Colombo. I was looked some few times and have the enhance to travel Bentota, Kandy, Unawatuna beach and even Yala National Park. I must say I find Srilankan people the Kindest and most honest in the South Asia region among Pakistan, India, Maldives and Bangladesh. During that time, I could learn culture and people’s behavior in this beauty country…….. I thought in a such a deep way (in fact I became a great promoter of the Island among my friends)…….Until this trip started 7days ago. Then I understand how little I knew about Sri-Lanka actually. Thanks to Amith, we have been able to discover archeological sites, Food, Fauna, Flora, Religion, customs. I consider myself to have a wide knowledge about my own country and from time to time, I have to work as a tour guide for my clients, but I’m so impressed on Amith’s knowledge about his country. The way he tells you everything, you can realize how he enjoyed his job. And when you enjoy doing activities, you make others enjoy too. I highly recommend Amith da silva as tour guide to anyone who wants to discover Sri-Lanka deep inside. I wish you really the best and trust you will be successful because you have attitude and aptitude.
    I hope we can meet in the future either in KL, in Spain or even better in Sri-Lanka.

  • Peter & Vesna from Slovenia
    8:10 pm - July 15, 2012. Reply

    My name is Peter Popovski and I’m from Slovenia. At 5th to 10 of july we enjoy with my wife Vesna the unforgettable honeymoon holiday in Sri Lanka. We knew that we visited part of the world which is different from our but here were the hidden gem of all the story with name Amith De silva. At first time we met Amith in the airport waiting room we recognized the cordial and trustworthy person. Throughout the entire trip Amith gave to us a lot of knowledge about country and he is a skilled negotiator and reliable driver. Till now when we spoken to our friend a stories from the holiday we never forgot to mention Amith’s contribution and we are deeply convinced that we have been assigned with a very good guide and expert from the field of tourism management. Now we recognized that hiking through Sri Lanka gave to us a knew point of knowledge and made a new chamber in our hearts which will always be filled with wonderful memories………….
    Greatings from Slovenia